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Give Local York's Big Give Day

Friends of the Pantry - Here's an update on Catholic Harvest Food Pantry's plans for Give Local York's Big Give Day! Hot off the press- The first $4,000 in donations made to Catholic Harvest Food Pantry (CHFP) during Give Local York will be matched, many thanks to two generous CHFP supporters who stepped up to be our match donor! What a great way to start off the giving! We are setting our sights on a new prize this year - “Fulton First Hour” will be awarded to the organization who receives the most individual donors within the first hour of giving. That organization will receive $1,000, thanks to Fulton Bank!

Give Local York (GLY) begins this year on Thursday, May 4 at 9:00PM. Each donation, no matter the amount, made to CHFP during GLY between 9:00-10:00PM will count towards our total donor count. Kick off the giving on May 4 by visiting and making your GLY donation to CHFP during the first hour 9:00-10:00PM.

With the number of families requesting help from our pantry at an all time high, $1,000 goes a long way in securing enough food to fill the growing needs of our community! Catholic Harvest Food Pantry has the most dedicated volunteers and supporters, bar none! Looking forward to your continued partnership through Give Local York 2023!

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